Monday, August 12, 2019

Cottage Migrants and Residents

August 9-12, 2019

We hiked up behind our cottage and discovered some migrating warblers - Nashvile, Northern Parula and Black and White.

We went for a bike ride from Messines to Farley and saw tons of Cedar Waxwings and a few other species.

Out on the lake, we saw both adult and juvenile Bald Eagles, a couple of Belted Kingfishers and other water birds.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Richmond Conservation Area

August 7, 2019

A Red-necked Phalarope had been reported n the second cell. It took quite a bit of searching but we found it!

The most common bird by far was Wood Duck.

We carried around the ponds seeing some common birds.

There were other creatures about too.

We met another OFNC birder at the viewing platform.  He spotted a Peregrine Falcon which tried unsuccessfully for a Wood Duck.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Otters, Loons, Ducks and Eagles

August 5, 2019

We went for a paddle at our cottage on Big Cedar Lake, enjoying the loons and mergansers.  Suddenly, we saw 2 elusive River Otters.

Later, we saw some Mallards.  One had a very dark bill.

We went for a motorboat ride to check on the eagles. We found the young one beside the nest on Ile Gladu, and the adult on the other side of the lake.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Urban Merlins

July 31, 2019

While at our cousin's place near Woodroffe and Richmond, we heard then saw a couple of Merlins land in the tree across the road from us.  One may have been a juvenile.  They left then came back to the same spruce tree.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

APLC Weekend

July 12-14, 2019

Just the two of us drove up to the cottage on Friday, and took a detour on Chemin Marks.  Once again, there was lots of good habitat, and we saw a Killdeer right on the road and an American Goldfinch nearby.  A singing Common Yellowthroat refused to come out.

We continued on the Blue Sea Lake road, stopping to see a bluebird as we entered the village.

The thunderstorm had downed a lot of trees and interrupted power at Blue Sea, but we were ok.

On Saturday, we were preoccupied with the annual meeting of APLC, and went home fairly early on Sunday, taking a detour via Chemin Mulligan's Ferry.  We were rewarded with lots more good habitat and a Barn Swallow.