Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leslie Wood’s property north of Brockville

Tuesday April 21, 8:00 am

Today we were invited by Howard and June Giles to join them on a tour of Leslie’s fantastic rural property. Leslie is in Howard’s photography club. Too bad it was a wet day with on-and-off drizzle. There is a medium sized beaver pond right behind the house, and a much larger pond with Heronry on the property. Leslie guided us on the walk. We thoroughly enjoyed the trails, flowers and birds that we encountered. The Great-blue Herons were on the nests, and gave us quite a show. We stumbled upon patches of Bloodroot, just coming into bloom. Howard and I clearly heard a calling Pied-billed Grebe, but could not locate it. We also heard the tell-tale familiar call of Eastern Towhees. Both of these were FOS. The other birds were the usual customers.

When Leslie had to leave for work, we went next door to Edgewood Farms sugar bush for pancakes, baked beans and sausages.

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