Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fletcher Wildlife Garden and Ottawa River & environs

February 3, 9:00 am

(text by Connie)
Birds Observed Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Ottawa and Gatineau - Fletcher Wildlife Gardens, Ottawa River, Miller St., Maple Grove (Gat.)
(Jane, Janet, Bill, Russell, Hedrik, Barb R., Peggy, Marc D'A., Lena, Connie)

Ottawa - Fletcher Wildlife Garden 1 American Crow2 American Goldfinch3 Black-capped Chickadee4 Dark-eyed Junco5 Downy Woodpecker6 Hairy Woodpecker7 House Finch8 Mallard (4 flying over)9 Mourning Dove10 Red-tailed Hawk Ottawa - Ottawa River around Tunney's Pasture and Remic Rapids 11 Barrow's Goldeneye12 Common Goldeneye13 European Starling Gatineau - Miller St. (Off Taché - near downtown Gatineau; feeders in back yard at park) *** American Goldfinch*** Black-capped Chickadee*** European Starling14 House Sparrow (Jane's name "Snow Sparrow")15 Rock Pigeon

Gatineau - Maple Grove Rd. and streets in vicinity (Off Aylmer Road, across from Golf Road) 16 American Black Duck17 Mallard18 White-breasted Nuthatch
Gatineau - Ottawa River East of Vanier Road 19 Canada Goose20 Hooded Merganser Ottawa - Cowley Ave (Barb Robertson's) 21 Northern Cardinal (f)

Total: Birds Observed =21 Birds Heard Only =0 Note: On Miller St. looking for Carolina Wren and White-throated Sparrow -- did not find. On Maple Grove Road looking for Red-shouldered Hawk - did not find.

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