Monday, March 22, 2010

West end birding with Connie & Jane’s group

Wed, March 10, 9 am. A glorious sunny warm day.
Jane, Connie, Nadine, Bill, Rick, Janet, Barb C, Lucille & Robin

We met at Jane’s and drove over to Lucille and Robin’s place on Richmond Road in Fallowfield. They have many great feeders and back on the farm fields.

There were many Blue Jays, American Goldfinches and European Starlings. We also spotted a few Dark-eyed Juncos and a Northern Cardinal. We were surprised to see a Rat scurrying back and forth in the yard. We went to Richmond area to check the back Roads. We found a couple of Horned Larks on Aikins Road and saw our first big flocks of Canada Geese high overhead. Jane and Connie saw two Snow Buntings in a tree, and Rick spotted a dark Snowy Owl far off, in a field on the ground off Brownlee Road. At the corner of Eagleson Road, we saw two Red-tailed Hawks, one distant. We moved on to Burnside Pit where we saw a Coyote dining on something on the ice. There were 5 species of gull on the ice and a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk perched in the distance.

We finished the day at Jack Pine Trail where we saw both nuthatches, a Common Raven, a Mourning Dove on the ground, and a Hairy Woodpecker.

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