Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bill Mason Centre & Old Burn Site

August 17, 12 noon

There was still an Osprey on Riddell Road, which surprised me. I thought they would be gone by now. It was deathly quiet at Bill Mason Centre. I played tapes but got no response. There were a few Eastern Wood Pewees in the forest at the back of the boardwalk, that’s about it.

I moved on to Constance Bay, taking a detour, as Dunrobin Road is closed past Woodlawn. I back-tracked to the Constance Bay corner and stopped to look and listen for Eastern Meadowlarks – nothing. So I proceeded to the Old Burn site. It was quiet there too, as I only got a few Pewees going down the trail. I hung around for a bit and finally saw 2 Red-headed Woodpeckers high in a tree over by the houses. The young one took off right away, but the adult stuck around for a while. They are very shy birds.

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