Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Britannia Woods

Tuesday, Dec 20 2011

Craig showed me his new IPhone with IBird App and also Sibley. It was impressive, and I suggested we head over to Mud Lake in the afternoon to try and relocate the Carolina Wren using IBird.

It was a glorious sunny and mild afternoon. We headed down the trail soon meeting Dave from Victoria, whom we had met in Ottawa before and at the Meadowlark Festival in Penticton. He had been down the trail on Rick’s recommendation, but had not seen the wren.

We carried on and saw a Downy Woodpecker in full sun. We went on down the trail to where the wren was seen the day before. Craig played the song two or three times with no response, so I told him to stop while I photographed chickadees.

Then suddenly we heard the buzz response, and the Carolina Wren came into view. It flew across into the cedar hedge, completely back lit. I took photos anyway. Then it flew across, but was buried in the thick branches. It was a success!

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