Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Water Birds - Ottawa Centre & West with Tony Beck

Thursday Jan 5, 8:00am

Today there was Tony, Nina, Barbara, Brenda, Helena, Rick and me.  We started at Graham Creek in behind Bayshore.  There were plenty of Mallards, but we were hoping for more.

We drove out to Manotick to check the Rideau.  There were tons of Mallards and a few American Black Ducks and a few hybrids.  The hybrid with the white throat that was there a few years ago, was still there.  While watching the ducks, and adult Herring Gull came in.
We moved on to Billing Bridge.  Coming in along River Road, we saw a perched Red-tailed Hawk and a soaring adult Bald Eagle. 
At the bridge, there were many more Mallards, an American Coot, a female Common Merganser, several Common Goldeneyes, a Great Black-backed Gull and a Herring Gull, which we at first thought might be a Glaucous Gull.

We moved on to the Rideau Tennis Club, where we searched in vain for the Barrow's Goldeneye.  But there were plenty of Common Goldeneyes which put on a good show for us.

Barbara was delighted to see and photograph some male House Finches, while Helena found a tree full of American Goldfinches across the road.  A very surprising find by Nina was a Song Sparrow in the reeds.

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