Thursday, July 19, 2012

Loon Chicks at the Cottage

July 14-15, 2012
Our June loon count had shown us several potential pairs and two nests.  One was unfortunately abandoned with two eggs in it.  But we had high hopes for the other pairs.

Barbara attended the lake association meeting on Saturday morning, and saw a soaring Red-shouldered Hawk outside the community hall.  When she returned, we did our loon count.
Things stated slowly with 3 loons in our bay and a white-tailed deer at the west shore.  Then we saw 11 teenager loons (non-breeding adults) further down the lake.  The pair at Deep Bay now had two chicks, and another pair duplicated this effort at Pike Bay.  Another pair at First Island were behaving very suspiciously, and it looked like the mother was concealing a chick, but we could not be sure.

That evening, our friend Colleen asked if we had seen the nest at Sylvester's Bay - we had missed it!  So Sunday morning, we paddled our canoe out to have a look.  She was there and immediately hopped off the nest, so we beat a hasty retreat.  We paddled in close to shore on the return, and Barbara spotted a good-sized Snapping Turtle.  All in all, a good weekend for wildlife watching.

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