Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mer Bleue & Open Country – Ottawa East with Tony Beck

Thursday April 11, 7:30 am

We met at Dolman Ridge Road.  There were Josh, Helena, Nina, Margaraet, Al, Ian, Heather, Tony and me.  Margaret is new, part of the full program.

We birded in the area fro a while - it was freezing!  We went to Navan and left cars at the arena.  We went to look for the Sandhill Cranes, and located 5 on Milton Road.

We checked the waterfowl at the flooded Bear Brook, then drove all the wa south to Marionville/Morewood where we found only about 1500 Greater Snow Geese in the distant field.  This was a far cry from the up to 100,000 seen by others in various locations.

We drove back for a brief stop in Russell, then went to Giroux Ponds.  Finally we went to Petrie Island, where we saw three Bald Eagles on the ice and a Great-horned Owl.

Bird List

  1. Red-winged Blackbird
  2. Common Redpoll
  3. American Tree Sparrow
  4. Black-capped Chickadee
  5. Song Sparrow
  6. Yellow-rumped Warbler (seen by a few) FOS
  7. Hairy Woodpecker
  8. Northern Cardinal
  9. Common Grackle
  10. Pileated Woodpecker (H)
  11. Mourning Dove
  12. American Crow
  13. American Robin
  14. Rock Pigeon
  15. Rough-legged Hawk
  16. Greater Yellowlegs FOS
  17. Mallard
  18. Ring-billed Gull
  19. Canada Goose
  20. Northern Pintail
  21. Wild Turkey
  22. Sandhill Crane
  23. American Black Duck
  24. American Wigeon
  25. Northern Harrier
  26. Snow Goose
  27. Horned Lark
  28. Red-tailed Hawk
  29. Great Blue Heron
  30. Turkey Vulture
  31. Hooded Merganser
  32. Bald Eagle
  33. Herring Gull
  34. Great-horned Owl

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