Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dunrobin and Environs

July 6, 2013
Craig and I went for a couple of hours birding before lunch. 
We began at Kerwin Trail.  It was quiet at first, but we eventually heard an Ovenbird.  We called it and it came with a couple of buddies.  On the return trip to the car, we had a couple of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and also two Northern Flickers.
Our next stop was Berry Side Road, where we saw a Brown Thrasher, a Yellow Warbler and several Common Yellowthroats.  The Osprey platform was empty.
From there went turned down Fifth Line Road, and saw a Bluebird on a wire and also a Kingbird.
We went on to Constance Creek where the Osprey platform was also empty.  There were many Swamp Sparrows calling and a few seen.
We made our way home via Riddell Road, where there were three Ospreys on the nest, one of them a juvenile.
We stopped in at the Nepean Sailing Club to see the Purple Martins.  The banding was just over, we were told; fifty-nine banded.


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