Monday, November 4, 2013

Some Uncommon Migrants at the Cottage

Oct 26-28, 2013

We were up for a work weekend , but could not help checking out the birds from time to time.  Saturday was snowy and rainy, so we worked inside all day.

On Sunday morning, we saw some dark ducks near our shore in the dim light.  We rushed out to see them, but they disappeared behind the trees, then flew off towards the creek.  We did see a Pileated Woodpecker out front, which is rather unusual, but not uncommon.  Later on, we took a break and hiked over to the creek where we saw a raft of Lesser Scaup rather far out.  We concluded that these were the ducks we had seen.
On another short break, we hiked up the path behind the cottage to cut a tree that had fallen over the path.  We heard birds calling, then saw a flock of about 10 Golden-crowned Kinglets come in close right at eye level - perfect for photographs, but of course we had no camera.  Barbara raced back to get hers, but the opportunity had passed.  They were still around, but up in the tree tops.

In the late afternoon, we looked out the front window and saw a male and three female Common Goldeneye rather far out.  Barbara went out to photograph them and saw a female Hooded Merganser that was closer, and a Common Loon that was much more distant.


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