Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Gatineau Escarpment & The Steel Line with Always an Adventure

Thursday Feb 6

Just Josh and I braved the cold to ride with Tony & Nina today.  The number of birds seen was low, but 3 Golden Eagles and 2 Bald Eagles made for a great day in the field.  We also had a few Red-tailed Hawks and single Rough-legged Hawk and Northern Shrike.

Bird List

  1. Wild Turkey
  2. Red-tailed Hawk
  3. House Sparrow
  4. American Crow
  5. Blue Jay
  6. European Starling
  7. Rock Pigeon
  8. Snow Bunting
  9. Golden Eagle
  10. Common Raven
  11. Bald Eagle
  12. Purple Finch
  13. American Goldfinch
  14. Rough-legged Hawk
  15. Northern Shrike
  16. Bufflehead
  17. Common Goldeneye
  18. Common Merganser

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