Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Waterfowl East of Ottawa - OFO trip with Bob Cermak

Apr 13, 2014

Bob reports:
"Sunday morning, April 13th, 17 OFO members found 55 species east of Ottawa at the Petrie Island causeway and bridge and on the flooded fields along Trim, Milton and Frank Kenney Roads.The day was very cold, 2 C and windy with the wind chill well below freezing and light rain until mid morning. 
Snow (2), Cackling (10 including one group of 9) and over 1000 Canada Geese were found. Fourteen duck species were found the most interesting being American Wigeon (1 m), Blue-winged Teal (1 m), Northern Pintail (500+), Redhead (pair), Lesser Scaup (14), and Bufflehead (27). Also found were Pied-billed Grebe (2). The highlights of the day for many were single Great Egret and Greater Yellowlegs, Sandhill Crane (15), Lapland Longspur (2 calling) and Tree Swallow (45+).  Good birding, Bob"

Barbara & I went on this despite a very late night the day before.  Bernie Ladouceur co-led the trip.  Our friend Rick Collins spotted the Sandhill Cranes after several cars had driven right past them.  A special treat was a Great-horned Owl at an undisclosed location.

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