Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Lifer Three-toed Woodpecker for Bill

Dec 29, 2014

Barbara got her lifer in the NWT this summer, but Bill was still in the tent and missed it!

We had already made two trips to Grimes Cres. in Alymer without seeing the reported bird, so I was pretty discouraged.  Then Rick got it again on the woodpecker blitz day, and kindly provided us with detailed instructions on where to look.

We went in early afternoon and spent a few minutes on the road seeing nothing.  Then I noticed a board across the ditch that kids had put to get into the woods to their tree fort.  With nothing to lose, we went inside and looked around.  Right away, we flushed the Three-toed Woodpecker to a nearby tree.

The low sun was right in our faces, so we quickly went back out to the road  to get the light behind us.  The bird was unconcerned by our presence, but was covered by dense branches most of the time, only coming into the clear briefly for photos.  Barbara made a video.

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