Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The First Spring Arrivals – Ottawa West with Always an Adventure

Tuesday March 17

It was nearly spring, but the strong winds and snow flurries belied that fact.
Today there were Tony, Nina, Josh, Dahlia, Sandra, Rick and me.

We went to Hilda looking for blackbirds, but were disappointed, although a flock of Bohemian Waxwings was a nice consolation.  So we took off for Carleton Place to look for Trumpeter Swans, but had no luck,  We did look exhaustively at several points along the Mississippi River.

We returned to Kanata to look for hawks and owls in the farm fields, but the wind was terrible and all we came up with was a coyote, although Tony did spot an American Kestrel flying away.

We did find a number of gulls on the ice at Burnside, mostly Ring-billed and Herring.

Tony was convinced that Britannia would yield some migrants, so we went straight there.  There were lots of Common Goldeneye on the river and an adult Bald Eagle flew over really close.  But migrants were in short supply.

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