Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First Loon Count of the Season

June 3, 2015

We finally got some good weather and were able to do a loon count in our new Legend Boat.

In Sylvestre Bay, we saw a male Common Meerganser.  We have been seeing a lot of these guys this year.  Normally, once finished mating, they take off for parts unknown.

We saw a total of 16 loons, which is a little above average.  On the reserve, near where a pair of Herring Gulls always nest, we observed two Common Loons exhibiting obvious pair behaviour, with the male (presumably) doing it's distraction display.

We saw three other possible pairs, but they could be simply hanging out - who knows at this stage.  A female was sitting on eggs at the traditional spot at Seagull Rocks, which were barely out of the water.  The water is unusually high this year.

When we left the cottage, we saw a good sized Snapping Turtle out on the main road.  We stopped to make sure she was safely off the road.

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