Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sightings at the Cottage

August 10, 2015

We decided to canoe over to Little Cedar Lake, a voyage of well over an hour.  We saw a single Common Loon near the creek connecting our two lakes.  We headed to the north end of Little Cedar where we encountered a loon family  - 2 parents and 2 chicks.  This equalled the entire loon chick output of the big lake!

We came back in the afternoon and chatted with Bruce Amos at the entrance to Big Cedar.  We found out that his son, Will Amos was running in the election as the Liberal candidate.

Back on our deck, we spotted a surprise visitor to our feeder area - a Black and White Warbler.  We see them commonly, but not usually so close to the deck!  Other visitors were the common Purple Finches and Ruby-throated Humming birds.

We were amused to see an Eastern Chipmunk helping himself to the flower leaves in the planter box.

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