Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cottage Sightings

July 17, 2016

We met the family at Blue Sea Lake on Saturday, and biked towards Messines, stopping for a picnic and a swim.  We saw a few Mallards, the males entering eclipse plumage.  We also saw the Bald Eagles nest, but no sign of the raptors.

We pushed on to Messines, while K&K returned to Blue Sea for their car.  At the park in town, we saw a Song Sparrow and a couple of Red-eyed Vireos.

Early the next morning, the boys accompanied us on  loon count.  We only saw the Seagull Rock adult with a ball of fluff. but later saw another pair with a young at First Island.  We did see two Bald Eagles, or maybe the same one twice.  They seem to be not quite full adults.

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