Monday, January 23, 2017

OFO Ottawa West outing with Roy John and Dave Moore

Jan 14 17

We went first to Steeplehill Cr. to look for the Red-belled Woodpecker.  This time, success!  Although it did not perch for good photos.

 We then cruised the backed roads around Richmond.  No Gray Partridges or Lapland Longspurs, but 3 or 4 Snowy Owls and flocks of Snow Buntings.

Next we went to the dump for gulls, but there were none.  Several Red-tailed Hawks and mobs of European Starlings were there.

 The group was heading to the Rideau River, so we decided to go back to try for better Snowy Owl photos.  The owls did not cooperate, but we got a good sighting of a Coyote loping along.

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