Friday, September 4, 2009

Mud Lake & western sites with Jane, Connie & friends

September 2, 8:00 am

I joined the group, Jane, Connie, Janet & Rick, about 8 am after a fruitless search for items lost off my trailer the night before. They were on the ridge, and reported lots of warbler activity earlier, with a lull as I arrived. We met Bob & Jan who directed us to the west end of the ridge, where good things were still happening. We also checked across the road in the grassy clearing.

Warblers spotted included Magnolia, Chestnut-sided, Nashville, Wilson's, Northern Parula, Yellow-rumped, Yellow, Pine, Black-throated Green and American Redstart. A few saw Black-and-White, Black-throated Blue and Bay-breasted. We saw lots of Cedar Waxwings, may of them juveniles. There was an oddball Northern Cardinal interacting with the Cedar Waxwings. There were Red-eyed and Warbling Vireos, a Hairy Woodpecker, a Purple Finch and an Osprey fly-past.

A small flycatcher refused to bob its tail, but was almost certainly an Eastern Phoebe. A perched Great Blue Heron had only one leg. Nadine joined us around 11:00. We headed back to Cassels Road and found a very cooperative Philadelphia Vireo.From Britannia, we stopped at Ottawa Beach to use the washroom, saw nothing much, and moved on to Rifle Road for a picnic lunch. Rick had to attend to other business.

From there we car-pooled along March Valley Road seeing a Belted Kingfisher and Solitary Sandpiper at the second pond.

We turned on Riddell Road, spotting an Osprey with a fish. We took 6th Line to Berry Side Road, then 5th Line, where we saw an American Kestrel and a Northern Harrier at the same stop.
Then it was on to Thomas Dolan Parkway with a stop at Constance Creek. The Ospreys had fledged, but we saw one on a distant tree, also with a fish.

We carried on Thomas Dolan Parkway up onto the Carp Ridge to try for Towhees. They were not around, but several Eastern Phoebes pretended to be Wood Peewees (no tail bobbing), and we had another Hairy Woodpecker.

I decided to call it a day, but saw a perched Red-Tailed Hawk on the way back down Thomas Dolan. As usual, the ladies carried on to a couple more stops.

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