Monday, September 21, 2009

Shirley’s Bay with Rick, Janet & Susan

Friday, Sept 18, 2009

I met Rick, Janet & Susan at Shirley’s’ Bay at 9 am.

We hiked over to the dyke and met Bob Cermak & Jay Peterson who were already scoping the good birds.

We had fantastic views of the Marbled Godwit. There was also a juvenile and adult Stilt Sandpiper. The adult looked a lot like a Yellowlegs (of which there were plenty). Later Langis Sirois and Hervé Tremblay arrived and pointed out the adult Stilt in close for photo ops. Other interesting birds were a Bald Eagle and Belted Kingfisher, which flew past. There were many Green-winged Teal when we first arrived, but they soon dispersed.

Bob and Jay had seen a couple of Great Egrets earlier, but they had moved to the back, out of sight.

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