Monday, July 19, 2010

Surprise cottage visitor and Common Loon news

July 10, 2010

While having coffee on our cottage deck near Maniwaki, there was a thump on the window. A small bird was lying on its back on the bench below the window. It was a male Magnolia Warbler, the first one we had ever seen there

At first it looked like a goner, but after a few minutes it managed to turn over and sit there with its beak open. It still did not look good, but after twenty minutes, it finally flew over to a branch and, a few minutes later, it disappeared.
Later we did our loon count on Grand Lac des Cèdres. Last year was a disaster, as all the nests were lost in the high water. This year, of course, was very dry, but many of the loons were apparently refusing to nest in the traditional locations. However, we did see one pair with a newborn in Pike Bay and another pair towards the outlet with two slightly larger chicks. We are still keeping an eye on some other likely pairs, but there are no other chicks yet.