Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woodcock search with Tony Beck

March 30, 7 pm

We met at the Bankfield Park & Ride at the 416. Tonight there were Tony, Nina, Heather, Rick, Nikon Bob & Linda, Mark G, Jen, Bob and me.

We made a brief stop at Burnside then drove out Franktown Road to Munster Side Road. We drove over the Jock River and stopped close to a pond on our right. We soon heard some "peenting", so Tony played the call. The response was immediate, with an American Woodcock spiralling over our heads. It went to ground and Tony got his light on it so we could observe and photograph it.
We had about three more American Woodcock sightings along the road. Tony and Mark heard a Saw-whet Owl. It gave the barking call, not the usual whistle, so many of us did not recognize it.
We turned around and went north of Franktown Road to Copeland Road. We had no luck there so went down to Conley Road and stopped at the bridge. Here we had a weak response from a Barred Owl.

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