Monday, July 18, 2011

Revisit to the Nortel Wetlands

July 18, 2:00 pm

I parked at Moodie Drive and took the Watts Creek bicycle path.  A lot fewer bikes at this time of day.  Right at the beginning I heard birds and pished in an American Redstart male.  I played Tony's tape call, and got him to pose for a few photos.  A Blue Jay also showed some interest.
As I hiked along, some American Goldfinches crossed the path.

A little further along, by an apple tree, there was more activity.  I got glimpses of a female American Redstart, so I played the tape.  A male Yellow Warbler popped in for a look, and after I shut off, a Black and White Warbler showed up.
Just at the opening in the fence, I was able to call in the female American Redstart.
I went directly to the pond where Tony had the action before, and played the Sora call.  Once again, Virginia Rails responded, at least two of them.  After a bit, I played the Virginia Rail call.  They came in really close, but refused to show.  Suddenly,  a bird flew across in my peripheral vision - probably a Sora.

I went back the same way I had come, exploring the side trail for a bit, but turning back.  Another Yellow Warbler, a female, was at the trail junction.  Back on the bike path, there was much less activity, although I did see a Cedar Waxwing.

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