Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PHOTO DAY - Fletcher Wildlife Garden with Tony Beck

Tuesday November 15, 7:30am

Today there were Joshua, Paul, Rick S, Bob, Roger, Tony Nina and me.

We began by photographing the apples dripping with dew, interrupted by birds flying overhead - Canada Geese with a Cackling Goose among them, about 20 Common Redpolls, and American Robins.  Tony also spotted a tree full of House Finches.

We walked around to the bird feeder, where a nice male Northern Cardinal perched for us.  Suddenly, Joshua saw a Peregrine Falcon blast overhead and land on the Carleton Tower.

We walked down the hill towards the Rideau Canal and Dows Lake.  We could see lots of Common Mergansers and Hooded Mergansers and a few Double-crested Cormorants which were sticking around because of the mild weather.  There were lots of American Black Ducks, including some hybrids, Mallards, Common Goldeneye and a few Lesser Scaup.

We hiked towards the pavilion, but before we got there, Joshua spotted a small bird skulking in the reeds, which turned out to be a Song Sparrow.
We backtracked and went up the hill to the Arboretum.   There was a large flock of European Starlings on the road, which flew into a large Buckthorn to feed on the berries.  We spent quite a while trying to photograph them along with the American Robins.  Nina saw a rather large Downy Woodpecker.

Across the road, we saw a few Cedar Waxwings in an evergreen and a House Finch was eating the fruit at the top of an apple tree.  Tony saw a couple of Dark-eyed Juncos taking off.

We went back to the Interpretive Centre to check the feeder out back.  There were some more Dark-eyed Juncos, a Downy Woodpecker and a couple of American Goldfinches.

With a bit of time left, we returned to the other feeder.  It was quiet there except for a cooperative House Finch and a skulking Hairy Woodpecker.

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