Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mud Lake Cooper's Hawk

March 11, 2012

Barbara and I decided to take a break and head out for a short birding fix.  We went to Mud Lake and tried for the Carolina Wren.

Shortly down the trail, we saw a Dark-eyed Junco.  We soon saw some Black-capped Chickadees and a couple of Hairy Woodpeckers.  A male Northern Cardinal came by and perched in a nearby tree and began singing.

We moved on to the fence line where the wren has been seen, and played the song.  At first there was no response (except a Mourning Dove).  We were about to give up when we heard the buzz.  It did not come close, and I never saw it, but Barbara caught a glimpse as it vanished between the houses.

Mud Lake was still frozen, but there were a bunch of Ring-billed Gulls and a few Canada Geese on the ice anticipating break up.  We walked as far as the little bridge at the back, where another couple pointed out a Green Frog completely frozen in the ice.

We started back towards the car, when we spotted an adult Cooper's Hawk fly across the trail and alight in a tree near the lake.  We edged closer to get some photos.

We checked out the river from the ridge.  All we could spot were a few Mallards and some male and female Common Goldeneyes.

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