Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Northern Hawk Owl

November 10, 2012

Thanks to OntBirds, we were able to visit Bowesville Road early on Saturday and see the Hawk Owl.

Barbara thought she saw it as we drove slowly by, but I thought the light would be better from the trail in behind.  Well, that did not work, as we could see nothing at all.  Returning to the road, we joined a few other birders, and one of them spotted our quarry.

We had a partially obscured view, but tried photographs nonetheless.  Suddenly a Pileated Woodpecker flew in close to the owl.  We believe that it was not initially aware of the danger, since it suddenly began to make a huge racket when it noticed the owl.

The woodpecker flew off calling wildly, but the owl was unperturbed.  It flew further back into the woods, but was shortly spotted in a more open area to the north.  We got our photos.

Some geocachers alerted us to a Snowy Owl on Earl Armstrong by the S bend.  So we went over there but did not find it, only a Red-tailed Hawk.

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