Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Woodpeckers and Owls with Jane, Connie & Nadine

Feb 26. 9:00 am

We met at the Lime Kiln Trail.  We hiked directly to the burned area near the clearing and took the well-trod trail to the north.

It was fairly quiet, so we soon heard vigorous tapping, which turned out to be the first of several Hairy Woodpeckers that we would see.  We wandered around in the burn area and heard then saw a Pileated Woodpecker fly over.  Jane and Connie also saw a Downy Woodpecker.  But no sign of a Black-backed.  Yet.

We could hear some faint tapping further in and to the right, so we all wandered over in that direction until we hit a side trail, which we followed back to the Lime Kiln, after spotting still another Hairy.

We went back to our starting point again.  The ladies explored the south side of the trail, while I went onto the north side again.  Suddenly, there it was right in front of me - a female Black-backed Woodpecker.

They all came running, but there was no hurry.  The Black-backed stayed put for dozens of photos and videos.

We hiked out to the cars, meeting my friend, Francesca, and her friend walking their rescue dogs.

Nadine had to go, but Connie, Jane & I headed over to Bridlewood to look for the Northern Hawk Owl at the Old Quarry Trail.

As we hiked up the trail, we saw three photographers in the middle of the field, so we headed right for them.  The owl had just made a kill and flown up to a tree to rest.  We hiked over and got our photos.  Then another photographer arrived bearing mice.

He set a couple free, but the owl did not budge.  We waited a while, but Jane and Connie decided to move on.  Shortly after, another photographer arrived with even more mice.  he tried too, but our quarry was not impressed.  I tried of the game and called it a day.

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