Monday, March 4, 2013

Boreal Owl

March 4, 2:00 pm

This is our fourth species of owl this winter!

We were away in Vermont skiing with friends, and came home to frantic emails about a Boreal Owl at Fletcher Wildlife Gardens.  Naturally, I headed over there at the first opportunity.

There were amazingly well-trod paths, considering the large snowfall we had had last week.  It was obvious that a large number of people had been out to see this owl.

I could hear low voices in behind the spruces, so decided to dispense with the search and head right over.  The voices were those of Jane, Wade and his buddy, who were watching the sleeping owl.

I joined the group and we chit chatted until Jane shouted that a Red-tailed Hawk was flying in close past our opening in the trees.  This got the owl's attention, and it became instantly alert, which made for much better photos.



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