Sunday, March 24, 2013

The First Spring Arrivals - Ottawa East with Tony Beck

March 21, 2013  8:00 am

A new lady, Brie, joined regulars Tony, Nina, Josh, Rick and me today.  She saw Tony and Nina on Regional Contact and got inspired.

We went first to Petrie Island, where we saw the owl.  From there, we went out Frank Kenny to Giroux, then to Larose Forest, and lastly to St. Isidore.


Bird List

  1. Great-horned Owl
  2. American Crow
  3. Ring-billed Gull
  4. Wild Turkey
  5. Horned Lark
  6. Snow Bunting
  7. Merlin
  8. Evening Grosbeak
  9. Northern Cardinal
  10. Blue Jay
  11. Common Redpoll
  12. White-winged Crossbill
  13. Mourning Dove
  14. Northern Goshawk
  15. Hairy Woodpecker
  16. Pileated Woodpecker
  17. Rough-legged Hawk
  18. European Starling
  19. Turkey Vulture!
  20. Snowy Owl
  21. Common Raven

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