Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Digiscoping on the Rideau

March 26, 2013   8:30 am

I got a digiscoping attachment for my scope four years ago, but haven't used it much.  It is rather cumbersome to use.  You remove the eyepiece from the scope and replace it with the adaptor.  The Nikon D90 mounts directly on the adaptor.

Of course, The D90 does not recognize the lens, so its operated manually, including exposure, ISO and focus.  A certain amount of experimentation is needed, so its only useful when the subject sticks around, such as waterfowl.  I have tried shooting perched hawks, but they inevitably fly just as the final adjustments are being made.

Recent reports of Barrow's Goldeneye and Common Mergansers on the Rideau River at the Tennis Club prompted me to go out and give it a try.  The recent milder weather also made it more attractive.

Herewith the results.  The Barrow's Goldeneye was distant, and the photos are all soft.  The Common Mergansers were closer and the results are better.  The conclusion is that more practice is needed!


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