Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Great-Horned Owl

March 27, 2013

I returned to Mud Lake to view the owl seen on March 17.  This time there were a few photographers around, so it was easy to find.  The sleepy owl was in much the same place, but on a lower branch well hidden in the foliage.  This time, the tail of its mate could be seen too, as it appeared to be turning the eggs.  The perched owl did wake up and scratch, then went back to sleep.

At the Filtration Plant, a weird hybrid goose was seen.  It is likely the same one as last year.

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  1. not sure if you ever make it out to cobb's lake creek area...the floodiong here right now is unreal, and there is still much ice and snow to melt...throw in the rain we are expecting...whew...can't imagine all the geese that'll be out here this year!

    always enjoy your blog, thanks!