Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Fox

March 13, 8:30 am

Not a bird, you say.  Nevertheless, a beautiful creature - and only a ten minute walk from home.  Yes, a Red Fox family resides in the ravine that runs through Arlington Woods.  Access is off McClellan Rd.

We spotted him last weekend, but just got a glimpse.  On Monday and Tuesday, I tried going in the afternoon, but there was no sign.

This time, I caught a glimpse as I walked along the ravine, then another brief look when I got to the mid point.  I found a stump, and sat still for 45 minutes.

During that time, the fox appeared briefly four times, on either side of Graham Creek.  It was obvious that it was checking me out,.  It was very shy and would vanish when it noticed that I has seen it.  I got these distant shots.  I concluded that it would not come any closer, so I returned home.

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  1. Beautiful shots. Were there many tracks in the snow. Do they have a den spot in the winter? that they hang around. I would have thought they would need a largish range to scratch out a living in winter.