Friday, March 8, 2013

Trumpeter Swans

March 8, 12:00 noon

 At 10:54, I got an OntBirds posting that there were two adult and one juvenile Trumpeter Swans in Carleton Place.  A Google search told me I could be there in less than half an hour.  So I had a quick bite, loaded up and took off.

At first I did not see them, as I was looking on the trailer park side of Cram Road.  I waked down though the snow to the edge of the river.  That's when I spotted them, a little further upstream.

They were on the edge of the ice, but quickly took to the water before I could get in position for photos.


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  1. I saw what I think is 3 trumpeter swans on Sat June 14/14 at 08:30. They over flew the Ottawa Airport field and went down into the wetland area north of Leitrim Rd and east of Limebank Rd. Are they normal for here?

    Jeff Greenley