Monday, March 31, 2014

Full Day Trip to Amherst Island with Always an Adventure

March 27, 2014.

We met at the Coliseum at 5:40 am.  Heather Pikor and Jariya drove with me, while Josh and Karen drove with Tony and Nina.

We spotted 12 Snowy Owls today, starting with one on the trip down.  Tony also spotted a Great-Horned Owl in the gloom just before we got onto the 401.

We easily made it to the 8:30 ferry on time.  We saw 2 more Snowys on the ice and a Red Fox on the trip over.

The highlight of the day was Barred Owl on the way into Owl Woods.  It was buried in the branches, so hard to get a clear shot.  We found no other owls in Owl Woods.

Back on the roads, we saw several Rough-legged Hawks, American Kestrels, Northern Harriers and Red-tailed Hawks.  I also saw a Merlin.  There were lots more Snowys out on the ice.

There was one small patch of open water on the south shore, where there were hundreds of Long-tailed Ducks and Common Goldeneyes along with a few Redheads and Buffleheads.

We decided to take the 4pm ferry and go to the Dupont Invicta lagoon in Kingston on the way back.  This proved fruitful with dozen of Gadwalls and a few American Coots and a lone male Wood Duck and a single Red-necked Grebe.  A beautiful male Common Merganser was a new bird for Heather.

Bird & Mammal List

  1. Red-tailed Hawk
  2. Canada Goose
  3. American Crow
  4. Great Horned Owl
  5. Snowy Owl
  6. Wild Turkey
  7. Ruffed Grouse
  8. Red Fox
  9. European Starling
  10. Mourning Dove
  11. American Kestrel
  12. Ring-billed Gull
  13. Red-winged Blackbird
  14. Rough-legged Hawk
  15. Snow Bunting
  16. Mallard
  17. Long-tailed Duck
  18. Common Goldeneye
  19. Redhead
  20. Red-breasted Mergnaser
  21. Bufflehead
  22. Great Black-backed Gull
  23. Northern Harrier
  24. Common Raven
  25. American Robin
  26. Herring Gull
  27. Gadwall
  28. Common Merganser
  29. Red-necked Grebe
  30. American Coot
  31. Wood Duck

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