Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hawk Watch with Jon Ruddy

Mar 25, 2014

Jon offers these to OFNC members on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons on Greenland past the Thomas Dolan Parkway

I went to the Lincoln Fields meeting place for 11:30 and only Eric was there.  Soon Jon arrived and we drove out to Geenland.  I noticed a line of cars and a few scopes already out.  Brenda McRea and Dave Moore were the ones I knew.  A few others arrived and some left.

The first bird spotted was a Turkey Vulture, FOS!  We saw a couple more and one came in quite close.  Suddenly Jon spotted a Bald Eagle right overhead, and we even got a few images.

Jeff Skevington arrived and spotted a Merlin coming straight at us.  We had great looks but no chance for a photo.

There were  few very distant raptors, one of which was surely a Red-tailed Hawk. 

It was a good introduction to hawk-watching while getting caught up with news from friends.  I was telling Brenda about our upcoming arctic trip on the Thelon, when another watcher, Gene, came up and said he had done that trip several years ago.  What a coincidence, as most people have never even heard of the Thelon.  We had a good chat.

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