Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cross Loop Road, Chelsea, with Helena Garcia

Wednesday May 20, 2:00pm:

I took my oldest son, Grant, to his brother Kirk’s house in Chelsea to look after the dogs while he and Karine were in Greece on a holiday.

Helena had been telling me about the great birding on Cross Loop Road, so I headed over there after dropping Grant off.

I parked near the covered bridge, and right away two Bobolinks flushed. I saw several going back and forth, but never got a close-up photo. A Song Sparrow sat on a post and sang for me without fear. A bunch of Barn Swallows were nesting in the eaves of the bridge. I watched a couple of White-tailed Deer prancing in the meadow. I was nearly ready to call it a day, when who should drive up but Helena herself. She took me to a small lane north of the bridge.

We spotted a Skunk and many Bobolinks. She also saw a Brown Thrasher, but I did not.
There were Yellow Warblers, too – a magical spot by an old cemetery.

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