Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Britannia Ridge

May 10, 2011  8:30 am

 This morning I drove Barbara to work, as she was recovering from a bout with a virus.  On the way home, I passed very close to Britannia, so decided to stop in for a brief visit.  There were plenty of vehicles parked, but activity was quiet nonetheless.

I went right up onto the ridge at the BYC end and immediately heard a Yellow Warbler singing.  I stuck around for a few minutes to find him and get some photos, nearly bumping into Nina on the trail.
It was pretty quiet along the rest of the ridge, so I went down to the end, noting that the river was flooded where we usually go down to the edge.  There were Yellow-rumped Warblers in the bushes across from the Scout trees we planted many years ago.  Another birder pointed out a Northern Parula that was flitting in the same area.
I quickly returned to my car, pausing to chat with Bruce DiLabio on the way.

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