Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Weekend at the Cottage

May 20-23, 2011

We arrived in late afternoon to see perhaps a dozen Evening Grosbeaks at the feeder - what a treat!  There was also a similar number of Purple Finches.

We decided to bird our usual spot on Ch. St. Jacques by Blue Sea Lake on Saturday Morning.  We were disappointed not to see any warblers except Yellow and Common Yellowthroat (heard only), but two Virginia Rails came out in response to the tape - a new bird for the cottage list!

We moved on to our other spot on Ch. Galipeau and immediately got a Northern Flicker which was calling vigorously.  I also got a Swamp Sparrow on the other side of the road.  We could hear Ovenbirds and Common Yellowthroats (lots) but did not see them.  Barbara spotted a European Starling go into a hole in a tree, that was perfect for a woodpecker.

No Bluebirds today, but we saw a Turkey Vulture in the same spot as last time.

In the evening, we visited the Tims and saw a beautiful Common Merganser pair cruise by the end of the dock in great light - it proves, once again, that one should always take one's camera!

Other birds noted in and around our feeders were American Goldfinches, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

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