Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scrubland & Wetland Birds - Ottawa West with Tony Beck

Thursday May 5, 7:30am
We met at Andrew Haydon Park - Heather, Nina, Tony, Janet, Peter, Bob, Betty and me.

Walking between the two sections of the park, we passed a flooded section of woods where I spotted a male Northern Shoveller through the trees.  A female was there too.  Unfortunately, the trees made it impossible to get a decent photograph.  However, we did see some Rusty Blackbirds fairly close.
Both ponds of Andrew Haydon Park had Lesser Scaup in them, and there were many more out on the Ottawa River.  Tony was fairly sure that there were some Greater Scaup too - the difference is subtle.  Heather saw a Yellow-rumped Warbler in the trees around the pond.  From the bridge, we could barely see a Spotted Sandpiper.

In the woods between the sections of the park, we also saw an Eastern Phoebe, a Downy Woodpecker and a Northern Flicker.

We moved to March Valley Road.  Stopping by the pond, we saw a pair of Blue-winged Teals and also three Gadwalls in flight.  In the wet field we saw a Killdeer and several American Goldfinches were flying around.  Then Heather spotted a yellow Palm Warbler.  Bob and I went after the Palm, and in the meantime, the Gadwalls landed on the pond.  Further along March Valley Road, we saw a Brown Thrasher fly across.

We went on to Riddell Road and stopped alongside a major pond.  We heard an Ovenbird, but could not chase it down.  We saw a Mourning Dove, a Common Grackle and two pairs of Ring-necked Ducks on the pond.  Everyone took off, but I noticed a Ruffed Grouse in the ditch.  I stopped, but was unable to get a photo.  We stopped at the Osprey platform, and both were at the nest.  We had Yellow-rumped Warblers and an Ovenbird across the road.  An American Kestrel flew overhead.

We move to Berry Side Road where we saw two Red-tailed Hawks and a distant Brown Thrasher.  Also a distant Eastern Bluebird was noted.  We photographed an American Goldfinch and a Northern Leopard Frog that Bob discovered. 
Tony showed us some Purple Martins and a Turkey Vulture and a couple of Wood Ducks in flight. The Osprey platform was occupied for the first time in several years.

Then Nina found our first Yellow Warbler of the season.  She described it without knowing it's identity.  Soon we all got on it.

We made a stop along 5th Line Road, where we saw two Eastern Bluebirds.  Peter heard an Eastern Meadowlark , and Tony spotted it on the ground in the distance.  Bob saw a distant Peregrine Flacon, probably a migrant.  Tony heard a Brown Thrasher, which he spotted just before it flew across the road into some bushes.  I was the only one who persisted to get photographs.

We next visited Constance Creek to view the Osprey platform, and we also got a Northern Harrier patrolling in the distance.  I had to leave to baby sit Samuel, but the others went on to Carp Ridge where they had great success with Easter Towhees.

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