Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sparrows and Open Country with Tony Beck

May 24, 2012 7:30 am

This was my third visit to this productive area behind the airport in a week.  This time we concentrated almost exclusively on the sparrows.  We also ventured across the other side of Bowesville road, then drove to Mer Bleue to find Swamp and Lincoln's sparrows.

Peter and I arrived ahead of the others.  We saw the Brown Thrasher and heard several other birds while waiting.  We were joined by Heather, Tony, Nina, Alex, Helena and several others including a young photographer names Hakhan.

Bird List

  1. Brown Thrasher
  2. Common Yellowthroat
  3. Grasshopper Sparrow
  4. Field Sparrow
  5. Song Sparrow
  6. Savannah Sparrow
  7. Clay-colored Sparrow
  8. Indigo Bunting
  9. Yellow Warbler
  10. Red-winged Blackbird
  11. Great Blue Heron
  12. Vesper Sparrow
  13. White-throated Sparrow (H)
  14. Blue Jay
  15. Alder Flycatcher
  16. Chestnut-sided Warbler
  17. Mallard
  18. Northern Flicker
  19. Gray Catbird
  20. American Goldfinch
  21. Baltimore Oriole
  22. Common Grackle
  23. Wood Thrush (H)
  24. Eastern Kingbird
  25. Bobolink
  26. Ring-billed Gull
  27. American Robin
  28. American Crow
  29. Chipping Sparrow
  30. Sandhill Crane
  31. Broadwing Hawk
  32. Purple Finch
  33. Lincloln's Sparrow
  34. Swamp Sparrow
  35. Palm Warbler
  36. Black and White Warbler

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